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Does your gas cooker need servicing?

I don't know if you remember the old slogan from the 1960's, 'now we're cooking with gas' but the marketing of the time was promoting this clean and responsive method of cooker over electricity. And with a cooker that has been well services, I believe this is still true today.

And any gas appliance is perfectly safe to use as long as it is regularly maintained and serviced. You would surprised how many people replace their cooker when the fault is only minor or can be easily repaired.

Obviously repairing a good cooker can be so much cheaper than purchasing a brand new unit, but it is also imperative to make sure it is operating safely and efficiently too. I am pleased to offer my cooker installation and maintance services for most makes of gas cooker and bolier.

Why not call today?

If your appliance needs a service, I would be delighted to come along and offer you a competive quote.

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Gas Safety Register
number 208254
Cooking Safely with Gas

Cooking should be an enjoyable experience, but always 'safety first'.
Never leave cooking unattended
If you are called away, turn off the gas
Ensure your cooker is regularly serviced
Keep stoves and cook tops free of grease and fat build-up
Ensure the exhaust fan above the stove is clean
Do not use cooking appliances as heaters
Make sure the flame does not go out. Gas can escape silently and invisibly
Have a fire blanket and extinguisher in the kitchen
Ensure smoke alarms are working